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by Alexander, Lloyd; Keats, Ezra Jack, illus
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A poor man tries to find someone wiser, stronger, and more clever than himself to persuade the king not to build a fountain that will cut off the city's water supply
Topic: Fairy tales
CONTENTS. TWO SEQUENCES. Adam of St. Victor : 'A' 1 I. The Assumption. II. Feasts of B. V. M. ALLEGORICAL VERSE. I. Spring ; a Type. Robert Bridges. 6 II. 'If I lose thee, I'm lost.' J. J. Callanan. 8 III. Conclusion of Faust. Archer T. Gurney. 9 IV. Vigil of Rizpah. Felicia D. Hemans. 10 V. Underglimpses. Denis Florence MacCarthy. 10 VI. Mary, the Light-House of Life. Thomas Moore. 12 VII. Esther. Christina Rossetti. 13 VIII. Rosa Mariae. Samuel Waddington. 14 IX. Purissima. Michael Watson. 14...
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Topics: Religious Poetry, Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint -- Poetry, Mary, Blessed Virgin, Saint, Christian...